Test riding, purchasing, and servicing a Rad Power Bikes ebike

Ebikes by Rad Power Bikes are built for everything and priced for everyone. When deciding to ride an ebike from an online company, such as us, you might be wondering where you can test ride our bikes, how to make a purchase, and what happens when your Rad Power Bikes ebike needs to be assembled or serviced.

As we have grown to become the largest seller of ebikes in the USA, we have focused our resources on expanding and strengthening our sales and support systems to ensure that you not only get an ebike that exceeds your expectations, but also receive unrivaled support in the biking industry.

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Test Rides and Rental Fleets
Want to test ride one of our ebikes? We have developed an extensive network of locations where you can get on one of our ebikes and experience it for yourself. Check out our Rentals & Test Rides Map for all of the available locations around the world.

No locations in your area? Don't worry, we are adding new locations all the time so it's likely something will become available around you in the future! 

If test riding is not an option for you right now, we’ve got you covered. Click HERE to find the right bike for your riding style. For sizing information, head over to our Bike Fitting Guide. To see our bikes in action, we’ve produced some very helpful videos on our YouTube Channel

We are confident that these resources will help you find the perfect ebike. If you need to return a product, check out our return policy.  

Making a Purchase
Our philosophy is simple. Make no sacrifices on quality while offering some of the most competitive prices in the industry. So how do we do it? We cut out the middlemen with our online business model. This means that we do not sell our bikes through dealers or retailers. Rather, we ship our products directly to your door from our fulfillment center.

If you are located in the Seattle, WA or San Diego, CA area, check out our showrooms for test rides, purchases, and service HERE. You can find the new Canadian Showroom in Vancouver, BC HERE.  

To learn about the shipping process for your ebike, check out our Shipping Details article.

Our ebikes are shipped nearly fully assembled, which means there is some assembly required before you can ride Rad. Click HERE to learn more about assembly and to find the owner's manual and assembly video.

Bike Support and Service
Wondering how to service an ebike you buy online? Fear not, we will never leave you hanging. To keep you riding Rad for years to come, our ebikes come with a multitude of service options tailored to your lifestyle. Learn more HERE, or check out our How to Service the Ebike You Purchased Online blog post on The Scenic Route!

Product Support: Our world-class Product Support team is your first point of contact for any questions or concerns with your bike. They love troubleshooting, are happy to talk you through your options, and will always make it right. Contact us for assistance with your bike. We’ll get you back on the bike in no time!

Rad Mobile and Velofix Services: To meet the needs of our busy riders, we offer on-demand ebike assembly and delivery, maintenance, and test rides to customers in select regions. Our friendly and knowledgeable mobile ambassadors bring a full menu of service options right to your doorstep, including tune-ups and safety checks, adjustments, and flat tire repair. See if Rad Mobile or Velofix can service your zip code HERE

Bike Shop Service: If you're the hands-on type who loves tinkering and adjusting your bike, many components on our ebikes can be maintained and swapped out by yourself. Our Product Support team can guide you with installation and adjustment instructions. If you require professional assistance, many local bike shops can help! We design our bikes with service centers in mind. That is why we use standard bike components that bike mechanics are very familiar with and make our electronics easily accessible. When riding Rad, it is a great idea to build a relationship with a local bike shop for assembly services or standard bike maintenance. Need help finding a local bike shop? Contact us to see if we have any recommendations! We’ll get back to you with a local provider you can trust.

Caution.png If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to complete maintenance and adjustment of your bike, Rad Power Bikes highly recommends you consult with a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic for any maintenance or repair needs.


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