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Roadside repair tool kit

The Rad Power Bikes roadside repair tool kit is designed to provide a rider with a set of useful tools while on the go. The accessory can be stored on the handlebar or top tube (on most bikes) when not in use.



Before using this accessory, click here to read notices and warnings for this product.

Roadside Repair Tool Kit Contents



The accessory includes the following items: a black storage pouch, one pair of flat side cutters, three tire levers, one 8/10 mm wrench, one 18 mm wrench, ten zip ties, one tire patch kit, one inner pad adjustment tool, one multitool (with a set of Allen wrenches, a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, a T25 tool, a chain tool for a 7-12 speed chain, and a 12, 13, and 14 spoke gauge tool).  

Using the Roadside Repair Tool Kit

The roadside repair tool kit can ride along for trips of any length or distance and can be securely attached to the handlebar or top tube for easy access and storage. 

Check out the resources below to see how the tool roll can help with maintenance and repair tasks so can get you back to riding Rad!

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