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Limited warranty overview

In the U.S. and Canada, Rad Power Bikes provides a limited two-year warranty that starts when you receive your ebike and covers manufacturing defects in material and workmanship. The latest version of your warranty can be found here:


This article provides an overview and some examples of what our limited warranty covers. Please don't mistake this article for the limited warranty itself—the document that is legally binding is your official warranty, available at the links above.

What the limited warranty does and doesn't cover

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects in material or workmanship. It doesn't cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or accidents involving the ebike. Bear in mind that some components on any bike or ebike are expected to wear out and need replacement after certain intervals. Such components include tires, tube, brake pads, cables and housing, grips, chain, and spokes. To get a better sense of when components are expected to wear out, please see the "Recommended service intervals" section in your Owner's Manual. Also consider the following:

  • Ebikes are heavier and typically travel at higher speeds than non-electric bikes, so parts like brake pads can wear out faster on an ebike than on a non-electric bike. This is normal.
  • How quickly ebike components show signs of wear and tear can vary dramatically among riders depending on how much payload they carry on their bike, how often and far they ride, how quickly they accelerate, how hard they brake, how much motor assistance they use, the surfaces and number of hills they ride on, and environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, damp conditions, or corrosive conditions such as salty air/water.

Here are some hypothetical examples of damage that might be covered or not covered under the limited warranty. Rest assured that our ebikes go through a rigorous testing and inspection process before getting sent to you, so the defects we describe below are not things you should expect to encounter. 

Covered: You receive your new ebike and one of brake pads is cracked and has fallen out (likely a defect in the material).

Not covered: You ride your bike for 1000 miles and your brake pads are worn out and need replacing, which is normal.

Covered: Two parts of your frame are not fully welded together (a possible defect in workmanship), causing a crack or potential crack in the frame.

Not covered: Your neighbor accidentally drives a car over your ebike, causing a crack in the frame.

Covered: You receive your ebike and one of your tires won't stay inflated (likely a defect in the tube material).

Not covered: You get a pinch flat, rupturing a tube, after riding on underinflated tires and hitting a pothole.

Shipping damage

The limited warranty doesn't cover shipping damage, but Rad Power Bikes will work with you to find a solution. These are time-sensitive situations, though. You'll need to notify Rad within 30 days of receiving your ebike and provide proof of damage and purchase. Please see the details explained in the limited warranty (links at top of article).

Warranty claims

If you think you have a warranty claim, please contact Product Support, and be prepared to provide proof of purchase and evidence of damage (i.e. photos or video). Please refer to the limited warranty (links at top of article) for details.

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