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RadWagon 5 controller replacement guide

If Rad Power Bikes Product Support determines your RadWagon 5 has a defective controller, use the following procedure to remove and replace the controller.

Incorrect assembly, maintenance, or use of your ebike can cause component or performance failure, loss of control, serious injury, or death. Ebikes have parts that non-motorized bikes do not have, and neither the assembly steps and/or assembly videos cover all potential aspects of ebike configuration, maintenance, and repair, which can require specialized tools and skills. We strongly recommend you consult a professional, reputable bike mechanic to assist in the assembly, repair, and maintenance of your ebike, or inspect your work if you choose to do it yourself.

Tools needed:

  • 4 mm Allen wrench
  • Torque wrench with Allen bits
  • Flat side cutters
  • Extra zip ties
  • Bike stand (optional)
  • Nitrile gloves (optional)

Take pictures of cable connections, cable routing and controller placement before you start removing these items, as once you replace the controller you will reinstall everything in its original position.

  1. Get the ebike ready for maintenance. Turn off the ebike, remove the battery, and press and hold the power button to discharge remaining power.
  2. Use a 4 mm Allen wrench to remove the three bolts securing the battery mount. Move the battery tray out of the way so you can access the controller mounting bolts.
  3. Use the Allen wrench to remove the four bolts that secure the controller to the frame. 
  4. Unplug the taillight cable at the top of the controller by pulling the connectors apart, without twisting, to unplug. Use flat side cutters to cut any zip ties securing the cable to the frame.


  1. Unplug the motor cable mounted on the chain stay by using flat side cutters to remove zip ties securing the cable to the chain stay, and then unscrew the connectors and pull apart.
  2. Carefully pull the remaining cables out of the opening beneath the battery mount one at a time and disconnect.
    • Battery
    • PAS
    • Wiring harness
  3. Remove the controller and recycle according to local rules (if possible). 
  4. Use the Allen wrench to reinstall the new controller in the original location. Use a torque wrench to torque the bolts to 3 Nm.
  5. Reconnect the controller cables by lining up the internal notch and pins and the external arrows of each cable, and press together without twisting.
  6. Use new zip ties to secure the taillight and motor cables, and use flat side cutters to snip off any excess from the zip ties to ensure the ends are flush and smooth with no sharp points.
  7. Carefully feed the extra controller cable lengths into the opening beneath the battery mount.
  8. Use the Allen wrench to re-install the battery tray mounting bolts. Use a torque wrench to tighten the mounting bolts to 5 Nm.
  9. Reinstall the battery, test the bike fully, and ride Rad!
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