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RadWagon Deckpad installation guide

Use these instructions to install the Radwagon deckpad on the rear rack of the RadWagon 4 and RadWagon 5.

Tools needed:

  • 4 mm Allen wrench
  1. Get the ebike ready for maintenance. Turn off the ebike, remove the battery, and press the on/off button on the remote to discharge remaining power.WAGON5_DECKPAD_fig1.png
  2. If needed, remove the wooden cargo deck panel using a 4 mm Allen wrench. Set aside the panel and bolts for future use.
  3. Position the deckpad. Place the deckpad on the front or rear half of the rear rack so that the mounting bolt fits through the rack openings.
  4. Position the seat clamp. Position the seat clamp under the rack so that the mounting bolt fits through the opening, and the rubber ends are flush against the sides of the rack. Make sure the deckpad and seat clamp do not pinch any cables on the rear rack when installed.
  5. Secure the wingnut. While holding the seat clamp in place with one hand, position the wingnut under the mounting bolt and thread on by hand in a counter-clockwise motion until secure.
  6. Reinstall the battery, test the ebike fully, and have your work inspected by a local, professional, reputable bike mechanic.
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