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Error 31 troubleshooting guide

An error 31 code on the RadUI remote and display indicates a power button failure. Use the following procedure to troubleshoot this error.


Error code on RadUI remote


Error code on RadUI display

Error 31 indicates a failure during the power on sequence, often caused by holding down the power button for more than six seconds, or if the power button is stuck. To fix this error:

  1. When powering on the ebike, release the power button once the display and remote light up. There is no need to hold the power button any longer than that.
  2. If the error persists, check that the power button on the remote is not stuck in place. If it appears to be stuck, power down the ebike and use a small tool to dislodge the button. 
  3. If you continue getting the error 31 code, take a picture of the remote and display and contact Rad Power Bikes customer support.
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