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Battery fuse replacement guide

Follow the steps below to replace a fuse on your battery. This procedure applies to 2018 and newer, external batteries only. The semi-integrated batteries from Rad Power Bikes do not have replaceable fuses.

Tools Needed:

  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • Fuse puller or small needle nose pliers
  • A replacement blade fuse (these can be purchased at your local automotive store). Depending on your battery and which fuse was blown, you may need a 40A blade fuse (discharge fuse), or either a 5A or 10A blade fuse (charge fuse). Most of the 2018 and newer external batteries from Rad Power Bikes use a 5A charge fuse, but the battery supplied with the RadTrike uses a 10A charge fuse. Refer to the markings on the back of your battery for what fuses it requires.
  • Replacement fuse covers from Rad Power Bikes (if necessary)
Remove the Old Fuse
  1. Get the bike ready for maintenance. Turn off the bike, remove the battery, and press and hold MODE (or the power button) to discharge remaining power.
  2. Set the battery on a solid surface with the side with the fuse covers facing upward.

Do not touch the "+" and "-" terminal contacts on the bottom of the battery. Keep the terminal contacts clear of debris, and do not drop or damage the battery. If the battery is damaged, discontinue use and contact Rad Power Bikes product support immediately. Never open the battery housing, which will void the warranty and can result in battery damage. It can also expose you to caustic substances and electrical shock or it could create a fire hazard, which can lead to serious injury or death.

  1. Identify the fuse that needs to be removed. The fuse rating is stamped into the battery housing just below the fuse cover. The 40A fuse is on the left and the 5A fuse (or 10A fuse) is on the right.
  2. Remove the fuse cover. Use a small flat head screwdriver to carefully pry out the fuse cover. Set the fuse cover aside.

Remove 5A cover1.gif

Use caution when using a tool to remove a fuse cover from the battery housing. Position your body so the tool points away from your body to reduce the risk of injury if the tool slips. Use caution to avoid damaging the fuse and battery casing when using a tool to remove a fuse cover from the battery housing. Insert the tool at a shallow enough angle to avoid damaging the fuse and casing near and underneath the fuse cover.

  1. Remove the fuse. Use a fuse puller or needle nose pliers to grip the fuse housing and pull the fuse directly outwards. Recycle the fuse according to local rules.

Remove 5A fuse.gif

Install the New Fuse
  1. Install the replacement fuse. Place the fuse in position and press it into the battery housing fully.
    Install 5A fuse (2).gif
  2. Reinstall the fuse cover if it is in good condition, or install the replacement fuse cover. Ensure the battery, the fuses, and the fuse covers are dry and free from debris. If the fuse cover is damaged, contact Rad Power Bikes product support to order a replacement fuse cover. 

    Install 5A cover.gif

Do not operate the battery or bike without fuse covers properly installed. Riding without fuse covers properly installed can lead to battery damage caused by water intrusion, resulting in serious injury or death.

  1. Reinstall the battery, test the bike fully before riding, and ride Rad!
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