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Front wheel with thru-axle installation

The following Rad Power Bikes models come with a thru-axle solution for mounting the front wheel:

  • Radster Road
  • Radster Trail
  • RadWagon 5

Use the following steps to install a front wheel with a thru-axle:

  1. Use a 6 mm Allen wrench to turn the thru-axle bolt in a counterclockwise motion to unthread from the fork and fork protector plate, and then fully remove the thru-axle and set aside. 

BoltThru_Axle_fig2b (1).pngThe front wheel hub has black end caps on both sides of the hub that align with the slots on the inside of the fork. If either of these end caps have come off, reinstall them on the hub to ensure a secure fit during installation. The end cap with the flared end fits on the drive side of the wheel, and the end cap with the notched end fits on the brake rotor side of the wheel.

  1. Remove the hydraulic brake pad spacer from the brake caliper on the front fork.
  2. Guide the fork arms on to the wheel so that the hub fully enters the indented slots on the inside of the fork arms. Pay attention to the brake rotor--it needs to slide between the brake pads evenly.
  3. Insert the thru-axle through the drive side (Radster Road and Radster Trail) or brake side (RadWagon 5) of the fork and wheel, and push all the way until you can thread by hand into the other side of the fork.BoltThru_Axle_fig1b (1).png
  4. Use the Allen wrench to slowly turn in a clockwise motion to fully thread into the fork until secure.
  5. Use a torque wrench with an Allen bit to torque the thru-axle to the value listed in your Owner's Manual.
  6. Test your front wheel installation using these tests:
    • With a friend holding the front of the bike up, spin the front wheel to ensure it has no wobble or looseness.
    • While straddling the bike with hands on the handlebars, squeeze the front-brake lever with your left hand. Rock the bike forward and backward. Ensure the front brake prevents the front wheel from spinning and that there’s no play or wiggle in the wheel, handlebar, or front fork.

To remove a front wheel, use the Allen wrench to unthread the thru-axle in a counterclockwise motion until you can pull the thru-axle out by hand, and then carefully unmount the front wheel.

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