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RadExpand 5: testing and securing stem/handlebar components

Some RadExpand 5 ebikes within the following serial number ranges may require additional tightening to properly secure the stem faceplate bolts and the stem riser clamp bolt.

  • RE5I21E00004 through RE5L21E0825
  • RE5H21T0001 through RE5F21T0171

You can find your serial number at the bottom of your bike's headtube as shown in the illustration.

If you have a RadExpand ebike in one of these serial number ranges, download the latest version of the RadExpand 5 Owner's Manual and refer to the "Tightening the stem and handlebar" section. This process will require you to perform a handlebar twist test, and if necessary torque the stem faceplate bolts and stem riser clamp bolt to the values listed in the Owner's Manual.

Improperly securing your handlebar, stem, or stem riser can result in loss of control of your ebike, serious injury, or death. If you are not sure you have the experience, skills, and tools to correctly perform all steps to secure and verify the security of the handlebar, front wheel, and handlebar stem you MUST consult a professional, reputable bike mechanic to check your work and/or secure those components to the ebike properly.



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