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RadExpand 5: testing and securing stem/handlebar components

Some RadExpand 5 ebikes within the following serial number ranges may require additional tightening to properly secure the stem faceplate bolts and the stem riser clamp bolt.

  • RE5I21E00004 through RE5L21E0825
  • RE5H21T0001 through RE5F21T0171

You can find your serial number at the bottom of your bike's headtube as shown in the illustration.

If you have a RadExpand ebike in one of these serial number ranges, please download and read the instructions in the PDF linked below, which you can follow (or share with a local, professional, reputable bike mechanic) to test and properly adjust your ebike. The instructions are part of the "RadExpand 5 Owner's Manual Update." We recommend downloading the update along with the latest version of your Owner's Manual.  



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