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Download my owner's manual or view assembly video

Each ebike from Rad Power Bikes ships with an owner's manual. The most up-to-date manuals for ebikes sold in the U.S. and Canada are linked below. To download a manual for a bike sold in Europe, click HERE.

Our ebikes are shipped nearly fully assembled, which means there is some assembly required before you can ride Rad. Our owner's manuals and assembly videos will walk you through assembly, but if you would like to have your bike assembled for you, take a look at the options outlined HERE.

If you do not have the experience, skill, and tools to complete assembly, adjustment, or maintenance of your bike, Rad Power Bikes highly recommends you consult with a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic for any maintenance or repair needs.

RadRunner Plus

RadRunner 1 Plus (2020)

Assembly Video*

U.S. Owner's Manual*

Canada Owner's Manual (English)*

* Some RadRunner Plus ebikes come with the passenger seat not yet installed on the rear rack. If your RadRunner Plus came packaged that way, follow the directions in the RadRunner Passenger Package Installation Guide to install your passenger seat. You can skip the steps for installing the foot pegs and the wheel skirts, which come pre-installed on your RadRunner Plus.

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