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How to identify your Rad Power Bikes model number

It's important to know your ebike model number when ordering replacement parts and accessories or requesting service, but with so many models to choose from, it's easy to mistake which model you have. The best way to confirm your model number is to consult your Owner's Manual or original sales receipt, but if those are unavailable, use the tips below to help visually identify your model.


2020-current Ebike models

All ebikes from 2020 and onward have a badge printed on the frame with the model name and model number. This badge is either on the seat tube, or if an external battery is mounted on the seat tube, the badge will be located on the down tube.


Badge on seat tube


Badge on down tube

2015-2019 Ebike models

Legacy ebikes introduced prior to 2020 did not have model number badges, and the differences between models varied and may not be easy to identify. Use the pictures and links below to help identify your ebike's model year.

2015-2017 model year ebikes used the original battery that had a power button with a glowing blue light (left). The 2016/2017 RadMini had a unique battery that was designed to fit within the folding frame (center). And beginning with 2018 ebike models, the next generation key-activated battery became standard (right).

White Battery-BlueLight.jpg

Original battery on 2015-2017 models

Mini White_Battery.jpg

2016/2017 RadMini battery


Next generation battery on 2018 and later models

Another way to narrow down the model year is by the differences in the logos on the head tubes. 2015-2017 model year ebikes featured a painted logo on the head tube (left). On 2018-2019 model year ebikes, the painted logo was replaced with a silver badge, and mounting points were added to the head tube (right).


Head tube on 2015-2017 models


Head tube on 2018-2019 models

Use the Essential Resources page to view photos of every model ebike in Rad Power Bike's history and locate your specific ebike.

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